This brief tutorial will show you how to install the app catalog on your iOS device (iPad / iPhone) and gain access to the Answer Tech® apps.

Step 1: Requesting a Business Link ID

(This step only required for users who DO NOT have a Business Link ID. If you have a Business Link ID, please skip to STEP 2)

A. Visit Registration Portal

Go to: Customer Registration and select "WinField".

B. Complete Registration Form

Follow the prompts on the page and enter in all the information to get your Business Link ID.  Your Answer Tech username will be the email address you submit for the Business Link ID registration.

You will receive an email from Land O’Lakes to verify your email address.  After you verify your email address, the Answer Tech® customer registration process may take 3-5 business days.

C. Access WinField United Sites, Apps & Features

After you received registration confirmation you may now explore the WinField United logged-in experience from your PC and other devices, and install the Answer Tech® App Catalog.

Step 2: Installing the Answer Tech® App Catalog on iOS(These steps should work for both iPad and iPhone devices)

A. Download the App Catalog

While on your iOS device, click this link to Download the Answer Tech® App Catalog and download/install the application to your device.

Note: your device may show one or more alerts when installing this program including permission to allow 3rd party applications to be installed. To continue, you will need to grant access to the Answer Tech® App Catalog.

B. Sign in with your Business Link ID

Once the installation process is complete, tap on the Answer Tech® App Catalog icon to launch the application.

When the Application comes online, enter your Business Link ID to login and view available applications.

C. Explore available apps

You may now access all of the great applications and features available on the Answer Tech® App Catalog.