R7® Tool for iPad App

R7® Tool by WinField
The Good:

This app is was developed and optimized to work in a cellular internet environment, allowing agronomists to more easily use this in the field with growers.  The Top 10 list allows users to easily leverage Answer Plot data during conversations the maps to determine the best hybrid for the field.  Unlike many other mapping apps that only function as viewers for maps made on PCs, the R7® Tool allows you to easily create VR seeding prescriptions within the app as well as export any map out into Google Earth for field scouting purposes.

The Bad:

Although the app allows you create a VR seeding prescriptions, your only options after creation is to email those files directly to a grower or save them to your PC.  The iPads lack of usb connectivity prevents users from exporting files directly to the monitor from the app.

The Bottom Line:

The R7 Tool app is a world class GIS/Mapping app geared towards agriculture end users.  It gives a local agronomist the ability to go from not knowing anything about a grower’s field to having a site specific seed placement conversation without ever leaving the app. 

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