R7® Tool App Review

R7® Tool by WinField

The Good
In a league of its own, the R7® Tool App is the only precision app that allows users to view satellite imagery and look at field by field hybrid specific placement. The data in the R7® Tool is powered by Winfield’s industry leading Answer Plot® system and with a very interactive ‘Top Ten’ feature it allows growers and sellers to visually see the difference when certain hybrids are placed on different soil types as well as how those hybrids respond to different plant populations and nitrogen levels. Within minutes a seller can map out a grower’s field, view archive imagery, in-season imagery, and generate RX prescriptions for seed and\or fertilizer making it a very powerful tool at the farm gate. The R7® Tool App also allows sellers to maintain grower notes from year to year and generate reports of information obtained about the field and hybrid placement.

The Bad
The R7® Tool App is dependent on a live internet connection. If connectivity is low, or signal is hard to obtain the R7® Tool App will not be able to fully function. It does have an ‘offline’ mode that allows users to map fields but new imagery and top 10 results cannot be viewed. Another downfall is that the app, like most apps can freeze up or close in the middle of a session without warning.

The Bottom Line
The R7® Tool App is the only app on the market that gives sellers the ability to sell seed, fertilizer, CPP and create VR plans for growers at the farm gate within minutes. It enables sellers to become better at seed placement, and helps growers to understand the importance of putting the right seed on the right acre.

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