Climate Pro®

  • Jun 10, 2015
Last year, I started using the Climate Pro® app to track rainfall on fields that had a high amount of weather incidents. The fact that it delivers field-specific weather information rather than forecasts for an entire county makes it a valuable tool. With this capability, I can tell if a field a mile down the road is getting rain. 

To me, there are three really useful things about this app.
•    It allows you to determine whether conditions are right for field work. 
•    It quickly provides weather analysis and ongoing monitoring to keep track of a field through the growing season. 
•    New enhancements to the app have allowed me to easily analyze nitrogen loss though the use of aerial imagery. 

When it comes to integrating with other precision ag tools, a lot of the details we get from Climate Pro™ help us better understand what we’re seeing when we look at in-season imagery from the R7® Tool. 

The only downside is that the information you can enter into the app is limited. However, the desktop version gives me the detailed information I’m looking for. 

The Bottom Line
Climate Pro™ is easily accessible and provides information in a manner that is easy to absorb. Its efficiency and accuracy have impressed me the most. The thing to remember with this app is that it is still a fairly new technology that has evolved a lot over the past year. Its full potential is yet to be tapped, which is something to be excited about. 

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