Agworld Scout

Agworld is a great software tool that allows agronomists to collaborate with farmers about management decisions on their operations. Agworld delivers considerable value, because its developers thought through the farm-level workflow, and understood how to make it easy for the farmer and the agronomist to use the same system.

Here are the top benefits Agworld provides to farmers:

  • Agworld holds your retailer accountable by alerting you about how many times the agronomist was on a crop and did or did not make a recommendation. It clearly documents what applications were made and when, so you know exactly what is being done in your fields.
  • It documents all communication, removing ambiguity. Agworld facilitates record keeping of crop plans, work orders and more, enabling farmers to make management decisions based on measured insights — not gut feelings.
  • Agworld assigns costs to products and activities. So at any point in time, the farmer can have a snapshot of their risk throughout the whole operation, and actual costs to-date versus what was originally in their plan.

Agworld also has a dynamic permissions functionality, so farmers can choose which partners to share select information with, like their agronomist or food processor.

The Bottom Line 

Agworld aims to make your life easier by compiling all work orders and other paperwork in one place. It's user-friendly and mobile, so you can spend more time with your agronomist in the field.

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