Understand what you are seeing in the field and how your yield might respond as a result of nature

To access weather data in the R7® Tool a field must first be selected. The weather icon appears in the ‘Tools’ section in the bottom-left of the web page. Weather data in R7 is displayed at the field-level.

Weather Graphs

The weather graphs that are available in the R7® Tool include Temperature, GDD, Cumulative Precipitation, Monthly Precipitation, and Daily Precipitation. The years of weather data available can be checked off and on, and the time of year can be customized by moving the green slider bar on the x-axis of the graph.

Weather Map Layers

A U.S. map with a precipitation, temperature, and GDD layer is also available in the R7® Tool. After selecting one of the three weather layers, select the year and month desired and then click the <Run> icon to view the weather layer. The weather layer can be turned off by clicking the <Weather> checkbox in the ‘Layer’ option.

Answer Plot Weather

Weather data is also available for each Answer Plot location. After selecting an Answer Plot location, the weather icon will be enabled in lower-right of the Answer Plot pop-up. A field is not needed to be selected to view weather data for the Answer Plots in the R7® Tool.
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