Profit Mapping By Zones

Yield data, Yield Potential Maps (YPM) or Yield Goal Maps can be used to create profit maps

 Profit maps can be created using yield data, a Yield Potential Map (YPM) or by creating a Yield Goal Map (YGM). Using a YGM vs. a YPM will result in greater variance in yield across a field.

To create a YGM

1. Select the grower/farm/field you wish to associate a YGM with.

2. In the Archive map panel click the add maps button.  

3. Click Yield Potential Map.

4. Select Yield variability map (unit:bu/ac) actual bushel per acre variation.

5. Enter the Yield Average, Min Yield, Max Yield and Task Name you’d like to assign to the Map.  

6. Scroll down to select a map. Choose a map that depicts the field variability that best represents what your yield map might show.

7. Click Create.

8. Your new YGM will be added to the archive maps panel.

To create a map from the YGM map you created

1. Select the grower/farm/field you wish to create the Profit map for.

2. Click the Maps button on the left-hand menu bar in R7.

3. Click Profit in the Maps Panel.

4. In the Profit Map panel click on the add maps button.

5. On the next screen give the Profit Map a name and select the map that will represent your yield data. You can choose an actual yield map you’ve loaded into R7, a YGM, or a YPM.

6. In the Income Section add the selling price of the crop.

7. If you wish to do a Zone analysis, click the add button and select the map.

8. Select the maps you wish to use the zones for in the next dialog box. You will be able to use soil type, SAMZ or Rx maps.  

9. Add your expense and select create map.

10. Select the zone map you wish to use. You can choose a soil type map, SaMZ or Rx Map.  

11. To generate a report as a PDF.

12. Place a check mark in the box on the map in the lower left of the preview window.  

13. Click the PDF button to create the PDF.

14. Select one map per page.

15. When the report is generated it will show up under the notifications button on the top toolbar.

16. Click the notifications and select your report.

17. Example report

See it in action
Profit Mapping By Zones