Profit Map

Validate the use of VR applications and fine-tune your approach for next season.

Profit Map scenarios are used to understand the profit and losses within a field based on variability. The profit map is designed to help understand the ROI of different products and applications

To Access the Profit Map Feature

To create a profit map simply select a field and click on the profit icon within the maps panel. You can then create a new profit map by clicking the (+) symbol or view previously created profit maps by selecting them from the list. Once you click the (+) symbol you will need to name your profit map and select either a Yield or Yield Potential Map as your source to base your profit map off of.

Entering Values into Profit Map

Once you have selected your source map, select your crop, enter yield information if using a Yield Potential map and the current crop market price. You can then enter values for different attributes to be associated with the profit scenario. Simply choose an expense type from the drop down expense window, and fill out the associated price column. If you have created an Rx for this field and would like to pull in the values, select the Rx icon and choose which year’s, and which Rx map you would like to associate with this scenario. Your Rx Map will then appear in place of the Rx icon. Click on Create to view your results.

Summary Review and Creating Scenarios:

Once your profit map is created it will be saved with that field for future reference and comparison. To view the summary of total costs, total income, and gross margin click on the Summary icon. A window will pop up that allows you to look at total amounts spent on each attribute per acre, per bushel, and total expenses. To compare different profit maps, follow the steps above to create another map to showcase a different application, product placement, or improvement to current farming practices. Adjust your yield and products accordingly and create map. Once the map is created you will see the thumbnail in the map panel. You can then select both maps and click on the comparison icon .

This will open a separate window with the two scenarios side by side for easy review and analysis of the different profit map scenarios. You can print one or multiple maps per report by selecting which fields you wish to include and clicking on the PDF icon. A report will generate and show up in your downloads folder within your browser, or open up in a new tab if you are on a tablet or Ipad.

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Profit Map