NutriSolutions Mapper

Identify limiting nutritional factors and mitigate any issues in hopes of achieving our yield goals.

The NutriSolutions Tool enables us to overlay NutriSolutions samples taken with the App georeferenced to the point it was taken the field. You can also access NutriSolutions reports.

To Access the NutriSolutions Query

Click on the NutriSolutions icon to access the NutriSolutions Mapper tool. The NutriSolutions Mapper has a smart search capability that filters the lists to include only the data that is available.

Tips for using the NutriSoltuions Mapper

1. Select Retailer location from the drop down list
a. Optional: Select Grower

2. Select crop from drop down list

3. Select Growth Stage
a. A new feature has been added to allow you to search for multiple growth stages. Check the box to enable this feature.

4. Select Nutrient from the drop down list

5. Select Season

6. Click Run to view results

7. Clusters of results are displayed in diamond shapes. To expand click on the diamond. This will give you a quick snapshot of the different nutrition levels of the nutrient you picked amongst these samples. To zoom into specific sample points click on the magnifying glass.

8. A great visual for Zone based NutriSolution samples can be made by overlaying an in season image by selecting the grower\farm\field and selecting the in season map.

9. Clicking on the NutriSolutions sample points allow you to view the results from that specific sample. The sample is displayed in a new visual graph; the closer the nutrient point is to the center the more deficient that nutrient is becoming. You can also access the full NutriSolutions report by clicking on the PDF icon.

10. To access the NutriSolutions Table View, click on the NutriSolutions icon and click on the ‘View Table’ icon. The table view lists all nutrients tested and the levels that they are at. You can also click on the excel icon to create your own customized graphs to look at opportunities of in season nutrients. For example; if 25% of your samples are deficient in Nitrogen at V5 you can create a customized report for a grower that includes their field, NutriSolutions sample, and an image of their field of where the samples were taken to guide you through a conversation around in season management. You can also get a PDF of these results by clicking on the PDF icon.

See it in action
NutriSolutions Mapper