Field Notes and Reports

A short description of field conditions and/or general management practices.

Notice a deficiency in only one section of the field? See a pest threshold and the only option for recording is with paper and pen? What if that paper note disappears? Field notes and reports in the R7® Tool can help navigate specifically where the problems are at in the field, in real time. Notes can be saved and edited for reference of each field created in the R7® Tool. 

1. Select a field that notes will be taken on, which is found in the bar menu, on the left side of the screen. The icon has the shape of a notebook.

2. Choose either Current Season or Previous Season to view old notes, or recently created notes for that field.

3. Downloading reports, dropping a pin and creating new notes are the options for note-taking. As well as adding visuals from the field.

4. Dropping a pin can be little to no detail. Select a level of color to drop a pin in the field (red being the worst, yellow, and green)- Adding in what the weather is like, where pests and/or weeds are located, by selecting one of the icons. A user has the option to select more than one characteristic.
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Field Notes and Reports