Field Monitoring Tool (FMT)

Determine trends across your geography, improve your efficiency, and save time.

The R7® Field Monitoring Tool can be accessed by clicking the <Field Monitoring> icon. The icon can be clicked before or after selecting a grower. If a grower is not selected, crop tiles will be displayed based on all of the grower’s fields that are subscribed in a user’s profile. If a grower is selected prior to clicking the <Field Monitoring> icon, crop tiles will be displayed based on the fields that are subscribed for that specific grower, and the field pins are colored based on vigor status (see next section for further details on vigor status). Users can change their default view in R7 to allow for the monitoring tool to automatically display upon logging in. To do this, click the <Profile> button under the user’s name and set the default view to ‘FMT’. Users will notice the default view change after logging out and logging back in.

Vigor & Trend Indicators

Within each crop tile, subscribed fields are categorized by their crop development status (also known as vigor status) – black, white, or red. Black pins designates fields with higher crop development than average, and red pins indicates fields with lower crop development than average, while white pins show fields with average crop development. The vigor status is a daily indicator based on a field’s biomass compared to others. The trend status is also displayed within each crop tile, and displays the number of fields performing better or worse than average crop development. Trend status is determined based on a field’s biomass over 7-10 days compared to other fields. Subscribed fields can be displayed and selected by the vigor and trend indicators.

History & Comparison Graphs

After selecting a subscribed field, the history and comparison graphs become available. The history graph shows 5 seasons of vigor, or NDVI values, for the field selected. The seasons can be checked off and on, and the time of year can be customized by moving the green slider bar on the x-axis of the graph. The comparison graph highlights the field selected and a min and max field that is defined based on crop development or vigor. The fields can be checked off and on, and the time of year can be customized by moving the green slider bar on the x-axis of the graph

Subscribing Fields for Field Monitoring

Fields can be subscribed for the R7® Field Monitoring Tool if the crop and planting date have been defined in R7 for the current season and previous season. Fields can be subscribed individually by clicking the green arrow next to the field and clicking the <Subscription> button. Multiple fields can be subscribed at one time by clicking the <Bulk Subscription> button. The fields that are not able to be subscribed, due to missing field history, can be updated all at once by clicking the <Update Fields> button.

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Field Monitoring Tool (FMT)