Field Management

Enroll, FMT Subscribe & Rx Export

Field Management is a one-stop-shop for handling farm and field information, as well as any updates that need to be made. Assign a crop, planting date, brand and product for fields in the current and past season.  Enroll farms and fields, subscribe farms and fields to FMT, bulk export prescriptions that are tied to a field, and manage boundaries by uploading Shapefiles.

Locating the Field Management icon:

1. Select a grower, from the grower profile.
2. Click on the first icon, next to the season date
When the Field Management icon is selected, the page will reload to the first tab “Field Details”. Assign current season and previous season information to farms and fields, individually or in bulk.

Enroll multiple fields to VR Seed and Fertilizer, as well as In-Season. Choose to select all three enrollment packages or individually select what is needed for each field. 

Enrollment Packages
VR Seed: Use the R7® Tools satellite imagery to generate VR Seed prescriptions.

VR Fert: Use the R7® Tools satellite imagery to generate VR Fertilizer prescriptions.

In-Season: Access to In-season Satellite imagery.
Subscribe fields to FMT by selecting a planting date. This subscription will be an overnight run, so the field will not show any results right away after clicking on save. If there are a lot of fields in the FMT Subscription list, and there is a need to know which fields have been subscribed, click on the Subscription Summary Report in the bottom right. This will generate an excel document, showing which fields have a “Subscribed” status.
Make things easier during application season, and bulk export prescription maps. Select the boxes next to the field(s), that need prescriptions exported. A user can export straight into a .zip file which will be found in your downloads tab or get an Rx Summary Report in an excel format. 

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Field Management