Field Enrollment

Enrolling your field opens up new features. Enroll today to get the most out of the R7® Tool.

The R7® Tool has designated enrollment packages fields must be enrolled in before certain things can be
done. There are options in the tool to enroll a single field or a multiple-field enrollment option that allows
for enrollment of multiple fields at a time.

Enrollment Packages

VR Seed: Use the R7® Tools satellite imagery to generate VR Seed prescriptions.

VR Fert: Use the R7® Tools satellite imagery to generate VR Fertilizer prescriptions.

In-Season: Access to In-season Satellite imagery.

Enrolling Single Fields

To enroll a single field, click on the arrow by the field name in the management list, then click Enrollment
icon. Next, select which package(s) the field should be enrolled in by clicking in the green boxes. A white
check mark will be displayed once the option has been selected. Click the Save button and an Enrollment
Confirmation window will appear. Confirm the Enrollment if you would like to proceed. Cancel if it was
done by mistake. Once a field is enrolled, it will be invoiced accordingly.

Enrolling Multiple Fields

We have the option to enroll multiple fields at a time. The process is very similar to the Single Field
enrollment option however it’s accessed at the Farm Level next to the Season selector dropdown. Once
the Farm is selected from the dropdown list, all fields under that farm will be listed and the option to
enroll in the various packages becomes enabled. A ‘Select All’ option is available per field allowing for
enrollment in all packages. Once all enrollment options for fields at the farm level are selected, the Save
will prompt the Enrollment Confirmation window to confirm the enrollments.

NOTE: Enrollment packages enable specific actions. If an action is attempted that isn’t allowed at a specific enrollment package, an enrollment prompt will open allowing the user the ability to enroll the field and enable the attempted action.

In the Utilities section, Reports, there is the capability to see at the Grower level what fields are enrolled and in what package(s). An Enrollment Summary Report can be downloaded into Excel.
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Field Enrollment