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The Add New Grower process allows for searching for or adding new growers within the R7® Tool. When searching for a grower, the required fields are filled out and then the Search option becomes enabled. If the Grower does not exist in the system, the <New> option can be used to create a New Grower. At the bottom, there will be suggested matches based on the data entered in the previous screen to select from and <Use Selected> record to add the grower that was found in our system. If no matching results were found, the <Create New> option is used to create a new grower record with the details entered in the previous screen.

Selecting Account Details in the Add Grower Process

When adding a new grower into the R7® Tool, an account needs to be selected to tie the grower to. The list of accounts you see is dependent upon the list of accounts you were set up with when you registered with WinField. If you are trying to share an existing grower with a colleague, it’s important to find the same exact grower and tie it to the same account as your colleague. If that’s not done, you will not be sharing and seeing the same Grower/Farm/Fields.

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