Archive Imagery

Over 20 years of historical imagery to assess variability for any field – new or old

Archive Images
The Archive Images list is where R7® provides access to historical imagery.  By default, the application will try to load 2 wet and 2 dry year peak biomass images, a soil variability map, a soil map, a default SaMZ map and an aerial image of the field.  Users can access the expanded image archive to add soil variability maps and additional YPMs from desired years as well as create extra SaMZ maps based on NDVI and/or Soil Variability Maps.

Adding Additional Archive Maps
  1. For full collection of the Archive Imagery, go to the maps manel and click on the plus sign
  2. Follow the prompts to create Yield Potential, Soil Variability, or custom SaMZ maps.  Check as many maps as you wish to bring into the list
  3. Once the new maps are added, they will load behind the scenes, click on the maps refresh button to bring them into the list 

Add Maps to Favorites
  1. Click on the flag icon; the flag will turn green 
  2. Access the favorites maps in the side tab
  3. Users can flag Archive, In-Season, Yield and Nutrient maps as favorites, making navigation through the R7® quick and easy
See it in action
Archive Imagery