Answer Plot Insights - Top 10

A short list of products that performed well in a given geography, on a specific soil texture.

Each year new products are brought to market. Agronomists are positioning and selling these products with key insights and data from their local Answer Plot® locations. The Answer Plot® insight tools in the R7® Tool are the Performance Mapper, Top 10 list, and the Characterization (CHT) charts. For more details on the entire seed offering, go to

To Access the Top 10 Feature 
Click on the Top 10 icon to access the Top 10 feature. The Top 10 Feature was designed to provide a quick glance at top performing hybrids in specific area, and give a general idea on management of these products.
1. Choose one of the options, to search for a specific area. We recommend searching in a large radius first to get the most data points to view. Within Bound Box, a user can view Answer Plot® locations or Insight Trials, through a more narrowed-down location.

2. Click on the bounding box, search for the area of the correct information that is needed. Click on the square in the right side of the screen; take the bounding box point, click, and then drag across that specific area.

3. Define product maturity values to narrow a search to the products, that are relevant to that  area.

4. Click on the green box, with the magnifying glass to search.
Navigating Top 10 Data
When comparing corn hybrids, within a specific location, the data will present to you the following information: Response to Population, Response to Nitrogen, Response to Corn on Corn, and Response to Fungicide.
Products that are selected for Soybeans, compare them by clicking on the scale icon in the top left corner. The comparison screen shows Standability, Iron Deficiency Chlorosis (IDC), Stem White Mold (SWM), Brown Stem Rot (BSR), and Sudden Death Syndrome (SDS). These scores are meant to help educate you on how to manage these products, and how to get the most ROI on in season applications.
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Answer Plot Insights - Top 10