Answer Plot Insights - Performance Mapper

Valuable data to help you position the right products in the right fields!

Each year new products are brought to market. Agronomists are positioning and selling these products with key insights and data from their local Answer Plots. The Answer Plot insight tools in the R7® Tool are the Performance Mapper, Top 10 list, and the Characterization (CHT) charts. For more details on the entire seed offering, go to

To Access the Performance Mapper
Click on the Performance Mapper icon on the left side of the screen, to open the search window.

1. Pick a specific area to search. We recommend searching in a large radius first to receive the most data points for viewing. There is also the option to choose “Within Bounding Box”. Select the bounding box, click and drag across the map of the desired area.

2. By default all Answer Plot®, Non-Irrigated, and Irrigation status are checked- Insight Trials is an option to check. To remove any of these options, simply uncheck the box.

3. Pick the crop type.

4. Defining product maturity values will only work in a single product comparison (percent of mean analysis). Compare multiple products the tool will only look at trial sets that both products were in. There is no need to refine a search according to maturity.

5. Select a product from the drop down list by either clicking on the arrow or typing into the product box. The product list will auto populate based on search criteria. Once the product is selected, the list will refresh to only include products that were in a trial set with the original product. Select up to 4 total products for comparison by clicking on the different products within the drop down list.

6. To refine a search by soil type or year(s), click the drop-down arrow and uncheck the box next to the year and/or soil texture, to exclude from the search.

7. Review the results, by clicking on “View Graph”

See it in action
Answer Plot Insights - Performance Mapper