Answer Plot Insights - Characterization Charts (CHT)

Visualize product performance and learn the conditions under which products excel.

Each year new products are brought to market. Agronomists are positioning and selling these products with key insights and data from their local Answer Plots. The Answer Plot insight tools in R7 are the Performance Mapper, Top 10 list, and the Characterization (CHT) charts. For more details on the entire seed offering, go to

To Access the CHT Chart 
Click on the CHT icon to access the characterization charts for corn, corn silage, soybeans and spring wheat. Characterization charts educate us on product placement by enabling the viewer to see exactly how well the products are selling and how well the products perform in different environments.

The CHT chart is fully customizable. Here are some tips on using the CHT Chart:

1. Favorite the trial set by clicking on the star next to the trial name (i.e. CHT-95), in the CHT drop down. The favorited trial will open by default when the CHT tool is opened.

2. Collapse the columns on the dash symbol on the right side of each column. With the new order in columns, give the page a title and then save for future reference. To do this, select the green floppy disc icon after giving the page a title. To delete any saved folders in CHT, select the folder and then click on the red trash can.

3. Drag columns to the left or right by clicking on the header, or press and hold on an IPad or tablet.

4. Highlight a specific product(s) by clicking or tapping on the product name. You can also view additional trials and response scores by clicking the arrow next to the product name.

5. Utilize the search feature in the top right of the Characterization Chart to easily navigate to products.

6. Use the print screen or screen shot feature on either the desktop or tablet to save as pictures for easy reference on the farm.
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Answer Plot Insights - Characterization Charts (CHT)