Yield360 introduces innovative, in-season treatment tools

  • Jun 06, 2015
Yield360 introduces innovative, in-season treatment tools
Problems that impact the crop during the growing season—from nitrogen deficiency to disease—can be hard to tackle.  A few new and recently re-engineered Yield360 products look ready to help fight the battle. 

Yield360 offers a suite of products that help growers monitor and treat crops in-season.  In a recent AgWeb article , Yield360’s CEO, Gregg Saunder said, “The plants are always telling us what they need. [Yield360 products] allows the farmer to listen to the crop, provides tools to interpret the message, and then take action.”

According to WinField’s Kevin Eye, two of the Yield360 products are particularly exciting. “Yield 360’s Y-Drop and Undercover products remove a lot of limitations for growers in mid- to late growing season.”

360 Y-Drop™ allows mid- to late season applications of nitrogen from stalk to tassel. And, 360 Undercover™ allows growers to apply fungicide from the bottom of the plant upwards - attacking diseases where they start and Micronutrients.

“At WinField we feel very strongly that managing the crop in-season is critical,” Eye says.  “Delivering what the plant needs when it needs it is a cost-effective, sustainable way to optimize yield. We’re excited to see more tools that help make that happen.”    

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