Welcome to Answer Tech™

  • Jun 04, 2015
Welcome to Answer Tech™
As agricultural technology continues to advance at a rapid rate, WinField is strengthening its capabilities with solutions that enable retailers to help farmers make data-driven decisions.
The latest offering is Answer Tech™ by WinField, an insights delivery system that provides critical technology information and access to top agronomic decision-support and management apps, in one convenient location. This centralized portal allows apps to work harmoniously together, while providing education, product reviews, industry insights, and access to all WinField proprietary and partnered apps.
Enabling the tools in Answer Tech™ is the WinField Data Silo™ — a secure, cloud-based data-management system. With the WinField Data Silo™, agronomists can securely store and manage their farmers’ data for use with the tools available in Answer Tech™, which includes proprietary apps like the R7® Tool and partnered apps. This offers a way for farmers to make better informed decisions by getting more value from their own data through the use of various technology tools.
Check back often for that latest information and technology product offerings from WinField.