Use Data to Help Focus Inputs, Generate Returns

  • Apr 25, 2016
Use Data to Help Focus Inputs, Generate Returns
As farmers continue to weather low commodity prices, valuable data and technology become increasingly important tools to help them focus inputs to spend smarter. In 2015, 5 million data points from 191 research locations across 32 states in were compiled from our Answer Plot® Program. The program evaluates new products and tools to provide objective, data-driven insights and 2015 results reinforced the value of focusing input investments where they will deliver the greatest returns throughout the farm operation.  
Two insights from the 2015 program highlight how the use of technology can help farmers optimize use and placement of inputs.
Precise nitrogen (N) usage on corn adds bushels. Researchers compared three application scenarios, with split applications made using the 360 Y-DROP™ applicator for precise placement at the stalk base.*
1) applying total N allotment at planting
2) applying two-thirds of the N at planting and one-third at V10
3) applying the total amount of N at planting, followed by additional N at VT. Both split applications

When compared to the total N application at planting, trial results showed average yield increases of 9.4 bushels per acre with the split application at planting/V10, and 11.2 bushels per acre with the total N application at planting followed by additional N at VT.
By making the second applications at V10 and VT, plants received an N boost during the crucial V10 to R2 growth stage, when corn needs 50 percent of its total nitrogen.
Sound trial data projects hybrid performance in local environments. Farmers can be confident that a hybrid will perform as expected when they use a data-based tool such as the WinField Corn Characterization Charts (CHT Tool, a component of the R7® Tool) to choose hybrids based solely on their genetic benefits. Learn about data quality and inputs used in the CHT tool here.
To find more insights from the Answer Plot® Program, visit We’ll be releasing additional insights throughout the season.
*2015 Answer Plot® data based on six locations in Minnesota, Nebraska, South Dakota and Wisconsin.