Scouting and Technology: A Match Made…On Your Tablet?

  • May 27, 2016
Scouting and Technology: A Match Made…On Your Tablet?
As you well know, diligent scouting is critical for early detection of in-field problems such as insect, disease and weed pressure. If you’re not supplementing traditional scouting efforts with the technology tools available through various applications (apps), you could be missing out on opportunities to save time, increase efficiency, and optimize your yield and return on investment potential.

Seeing is believing
For example, in-season imagery is a great tool that allows you to scout effectively and directly home in on a problem. It lets you know exactly what is going on in a particular field in a hurry. In-season imagery helps you boost efficiency and minimize your time in the field, leaving you with the flexibility to perform those other tasks that demand your attention during the busy growing season.

Smarter input spending
Because technology helps you adjust the investments you make in your fields to fit their profitability potential, it helps you spend your dollars more wisely. For example, rather than simply blanketing a field with nitrogen or doing a side-dress application, it may be better to make a variable-rate application. Also, taking tissue samples can help you determine what, if any, nutrients may be lacking in your plants. Learn how satellite imagery can help ensure you pinpoint the exact locations that need replenishing.

Expert insights
Many scouting tools have been put through the test by WinField ag technology specialists and they’ve recapped their experiences in several application reviews. Visit the review section of and read reviews on the R7 Tool® by WinField, Climate FieldView Pro™, Agworld and Scout Pro Corn/Wheat/Soybean.

Different apps give you the ability to:
  • “Pin” a location in the field where a soil or tissue sample was taken, take a photo of it and geo-reference notes.
  • Match crop inputs and decisions to each field’s and each management zone’s potential.
  • Prioritize scouting activities by identifying which areas need attention before heading into the field. 
Talk with your WinField retailer about how you can access apps and other online tools to help you scout smarter.