New Ag Leader Displays Deliver Ease and Connectivity...for a Price

  • Dec 12, 2015
New Ag Leader Displays Deliver Ease and Connectivity...for a Price
Ag Leader’s new InCommand™ displays boast features such as the AgFiniti® Wi-Fi adaptor, split screen viewing and tablet-like interaction.

As growers continue to become more involved with data, the technology they use needs to continue to increase in speed, versatility and ease of use. Ag Leader is taking steps with their new InCommand™ 1200 and 800 displays. At 12.1” and 8.4” respectively, these displays come with some new improvements. The most notable new features include: 
1. AgFiniti® Wi-Fi adaptor
The new displays come with a built-in AgFiniti® Wi-Fi adaptor that allows growers to connect to their iPads via the AgFiniti® mobile app and view the displays from anywhere. The AgFiniti® mobile app allows data and maps to be available from mobile devices so growers can manage their operations all season long. 

2. Split screen viewing 
The 1200 model gives growers the option to split their screens to view two screens at once. This means growers can view their most critical information simultaneously. 

3. Tablet-like feel
Additionally, the new monitors look like and behave similarly to the tablets that growers are becoming more and more comfortable with. One example of this is the pinch and zoom function that matches a typical tablet.  This change makes the InCommand™ displays easier to navigate and creates another level of continuity between technologies for growers.
4. Row monitoring 
Growers can view row-by-row planter information on the 1200 display. Plus, there is an adaptor cable that runs from InCommand™ displays to any other Ag Leader modules.