Forbes Shines Spotlight Our Way

  • Mar 23, 2016
Forbes Shines Spotlight Our Way
We are proud to announce that Mike Macrie, senior vice president and chief information officer for Land O’Lakes, Inc., has won a 2016 Forbes CIO Innovation Award. The award was presented at the Forbes 2016 CIO Summit at a ceremony held March 7.

After receiving the honor, Mike noted this award validates our investment in technologies such as the R7® Tool by WinField — our decision ag solution that so far has mapped 21 million acres of farmland across the United States. 

This recognition is worth celebrating. Our technology is a force in putting the ag industry at the forefront of the technology industry as a whole. This was demonstrated by fellow winners, such as the CIOs of tech giant Intel; financial services innovator Vanguard; and infrastructure leader Ferrovial, S.A. The award recognizes an elite cadre of CIOs and is open to innovators from any multi-billion-dollar enterprise. We are proud to bring agriculture into such esteemed company. 

Congratulations are in order, not only for Mike, but also for all of you who push the boundaries of where ag technology can take us. It has been an exciting run so far, although we know the best is yet to come.