Farmobile PUC

  • Oct 02, 2017
Farmobile PUC
The Farmobile PUC (passive uplink connection) is a small in-cab device that collects machine and agronomic data every second, allowing farmers to be anywhere that has Wi-Fi and/or cellular service and view agronomic data from their farms. Once installed, the PUC will automatically collect data from connected cabs.
The Farmobile website and app (available through Answer Tech®) are user friendly and easy to navigate, whatever one’s level of digital expertise is. The app displays the engine and agronomy data collected by the Farmobile PUC. 
This product provides subscribers with useful information, such as real-time fleet information and various field data, allowing them to optimize their operations. In addition, electronic field records can be accessed through a farmer’s secure account and shared with the farmer’s network of advisors, including the agronomist, seed dealer, equipment dealer or insurance agent. Farmobile also allows farmers or their agronomists to digitally transfer prescription files directly to an operator in the field.
Following are a few key benefits that I’ve observed when working with farmers who have purchased the Farmobile PUC: 

Universal file transfer
The device allows farmers to adjust their variable-rate prescriptions with their trusted local advisors and wirelessly send their Rx maps to the screen of a tractor in a field. This gives farmers the flexibility to adapt to variable spring conditions. (Available with the Farmobile PUC4 device only.)

The Farmobile PUC gives farmers the ability to view their entire operation, so they can make more informed decisions based on the current situation. Because the PUC collects all data from machines, farmers can get fuel trailers to the right spot without wasting miles and losing machine operating time. The PUC can also update a farmer about the efficiency of field employees and the routes they are taking to get to the field, as well as about applications being made in the field. Having this data means they can manage even the smallest details using data the PUC collects.

Easy installation and quality support staff
Farmers have told me the installation process was quick and painless for everyone involved. They were not slowed down during the most important times for their business. Any problems were addressed by a group of people who were knowledgeable about the Farmobile PUC and familiar with guiding farmers through the issues they were experiencing.
The Farmobile PUC is great for farmers who want to see what’s going on across their entire operation and are striving to increase efficiency. The only task I had trouble with when trying it out was making boundaries from scratch using the mapping feature on the app. However, a call to the support staff helped me quickly solve this problem. If the agronomist has a farmer’s fields already in shape files, this process is simple with a batch upload.