Decision Ag Tools Will Help Win the Battle

  • Feb 24, 2016
Decision Ag Tools Will Help Win the Battle
WinField, our sales staff and our retail partners have a great opportunity in the emerging decision ag space.  Our experience and offerings have us well positioned to help our customers not only survive-but thrive-during a time when there is little margin for error. Now is the time to embrace this opportunity to leverage the decision ag tools we have, like the R7® Tool.
The bottom line is we need to build a culture of proficiency where using Decision Ag tools becomes second hand nature. Our organization has a tremendous opportunity in front of us with the tools we have at our disposal, but in order to capitalize on the opportunity we need to push ourselves to continually demonstrate our value to the customer through the use of these tools.
If we don't help our retail partners understand and embrace the competitive advantage offered through our insight tools, we are not upholding our number-one objective: to ensure the success of both our retail network and the farmers it serves.  As the threats to our cooperative system continue to grow, the agronomic recommendations our retailers make need to have a positive impact on a customer's bottom line.

The following videos share thoughts on how WinField's approach to decision ag can help retailers win at the farm gate. Please take a few minutes to view the videos by clicking on the links below: