An API public library? Read all about it.

  • Dec 21, 2015
An API public library? Read all about it.
With technology programs becoming an important part of our daily lives, we’ve all come to expect streamlined data. For example, an app that was purchased on our smartphone is also accessible on our tablet. And when we log onto the website associated with that app, the information we’ve entered on either of these mobile devices is synced and available within seconds. Ag technology should be no different.
At Winfield, we are committed to making information sharing an easy process for everyone. To support that commitment, we’re collaborating with leading ag technology companies, such as John Deere, The Climate Corporation and others, to make sure our programs can easily communicate with each other to increase efficiency and productivity.
Application program interfaces (APIs) are the pipelines designed to facilitate this data flow between tools. Through associations such as Ag Gateway and the Open Ag Data Alliance (OADA), WinField is working with ag technology leaders to find common ground on the best types of APIs that will allow information to be easily shared between various programs.
The goal of these associations is to create a public library of APIs that can be accessed by technology designers when creating new tools. By using common APIs, new programs can work together harmoniously, without the need to repeatedly recreate APIs to link programs from different companies.    
For example, when WinField system designers create an API within the R7® Tool that allows access to different data points, such as field boundary information, they can also make that API available for use by the rest of the industry. This allows for a smooth exchange of field boundary information between tools on the farm.
When companies standardize APIs across the ag technology industry, farmers are assured that their systems will work together. That means when you apply a pesticide or crop nutrient in your field, it can automatically be recorded in your accounting system or accessed by other programs, even when the technology has been created by different companies.
The WinField® Data Silo, which will be introduced to farmers over the next two years, will provide another step forward towards helping farm applications work together. This cloud-based data management system includes the APIs needed to securely store and manage farmer data, and make it more usable through ag technology tools. 
Watch for more details about Data Silo and other technology advancements in the coming months on