A Toast To Teddy: Bekele Named to Top 10 in Precision Ag

  • Aug 23, 2016
A Toast To Teddy: Bekele Named to Top 10 in Precision Ag
Recently, Precision Ag magazine announced its inaugural list of the Top 10 People in Precision Ag. We are proud to congratulate our own Teddy Bekele, VP of IT, for being included in this elite roundup of ag tech trailblazers.
Since joining us in 2013, Teddy has helped lead the charge for continually improving the R7®Tool, along with helping us navigate the construction of our soon-to-be released Data Silo™, while being one of the masterminds behind this very website. And that’s just three of the dozens of IT projects he is currently overseeing.
In addition to bulking up our ag tech offerings, Teddy has emerged as a leader in this space. He has spoken at events such as the Precision Ag Institute Innovation Series and in front of audiences assembled by tech industry giants such as Google and Microsoft.
As if that’s not enough on his plate, he is actively engaged with the Precision Ag Institute, Open Ag Data Alliance (OADA) and AgGateway; and he serves on the advisory board for the World Agri-Tech Investment Summit.
It is a thrill to see Teddy on this list, along with some of our other friends, such as Robb Fraley and Brett Weisenberger, among others. Congratulations go out to everyone on this list.
As for Teddy, I look forward to seeing where he leads us in the years to come.
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