A Deep Dive Into Seed Performance

  • Jan 03, 2018
A Deep Dive Into Seed Performance
Within the R7® Tool by WinField United is a powerful function that can help you understand how specific corn hybrids and soybean varieties perform in conditions like yours.
The Performance Mapper uses Answer Plot® data and unbiased, on-farm trial information, along with other factors such as weather and soil type, to show you how these seed products have historically performed in varying fields and environments. Working with your retailer, you can use this tool to select the seed that’s right for your operation and help you realize a seed’s potential throughout the season.
Understanding Product Performance
From a proactive standpoint, the tool can help guide seed purchases and placement decisions, taking a great deal of guesswork out of the equation. For example, your retailer can work with you to overlay data such as heat stress to learn how a certain hybrid fared in drought-prone areas. From a reactive standpoint, it can also help you understand past performance, including where yield came from and why yield was lost, to make in-season management decisions.
Timing Is Everything
Now is a great time to be capitalizing on the Performance Mapper. We recently added the 2017 Answer Plot® data to the R7® Tool, so this information is now available to help you make informed decisions for next year. During the growing season, you can access historical data in this tool to better understand how a disease like white mold, for example, affected a soybean variety in the past. If we predict the crop will be affected again this year, we can formulate a proactive plan to address pressures and help save yield potential.
With all the new products that hit the market each year, it’s important to use resources such as the Performance Mapper to see how a seed performs on fields that are similar to your own. Talk with your retailer about how the Performance Mapper can help with the decisions you’re making on your operation.